p. press

{fine social papers}

The Main Idea

p. press was founded in 2012, specializing in simple and sophisticated social paper designs. p. press takes a traditional approach to modern stationery trends. stylized motifs and text, paired with simple patterns and vibrant colors gives p. press a look all its own - a signature mix of new + old. a favorite aspect is the beautiful heavy card-stock that is standard for all designs. all products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA. p. press offers a full line of party invitations, baby shower invitations and announcements, child birthday invitations, note cards, and holiday, plus ready-made gift products like notepads, gift tags, party cups, coasters and beverage napkins. p. press services print jobs for personal use, corporate and brides all over the country.

Behind the Name

the owner and lead designer, sheri (lee) scruggs, a birmingham, al native, has a long history in retail and wholesale product sales. since earning her degree from the university of mississippi in merchandising and marketing, she has experienced several jobs in fashion sales and buying, interior design sales and buying, and custom stationery. after many years in sales, she bravely launched her own personalized designs in 2012... voila p. press! although p. press got its start by custom designing social papers for direct customers, sheri quickly dove into the wholesale side, launching a full product line for buyers in summer of 2013. what does the "p" stand for you ask... our full name is Peridot Press (sheri's an august baby!), but friends and family quickly nick-named the business "p. press" and it totally stuck! 

Pressing On

in 2016, we expanded into the custom wedding paper industry, servicing bridal clients all over the country. we are forever grateful for the continued support from our customers and retailers! we are constantly looking for new ways to express our creativity and ever evolving to showcase exceptional stationery options for retailers and direct customers alike. we give God all the glory for all things created. we thank each customer for being apart of the p. press story!

please note, all items listed on this website are copyrighted under ownership of peridot press. LLC. we work hard to create new and exciting designs and ask that you not copy or distort our work in anyway. thank you for your cooperation and respect of our hard work in product creation.